Bayer is a multi-national company. Best known for Bayer Aspirin, today, the company’s diverse operations include Healthcare, Crop science, Material science, Business services, Technology services, and Industry services. As head of Bayer’s pharmacological laboratory, Friedrich Engels made an indelible mark on history in 1897. He was responsible for the launch of two drugs that have shaped the way we live: aspirin, the world’s most successful legal drug; and heroin, the most successful illegal one.

“Very enjoyable. Excellent session. Promoted learning through teamwork. Very appropriate topic for me as a leader. Gave me a lot of good insights on how to begin thinking about marketing my group as well as our products. Great exposure for a non-marketing type. Passionate. Funny. Effective. Nice overview with a focus on Bayer. The team exercise forced to consider Bayer’s competitive advantages.”
-Bayer attendees’ responses to Ann’s Executive Marketing course